Crosstex Launches AXESS™ Press Release

Crosstex Launches AXESS™ Press Release

February 28, 2017 at 10:48 AM






Crosstex Launches AXESS™ Mask Sedation System

Cantel Medical subsidiary introduces new innovation that offers comfort, relaxation and efficiency to patients

Phoenix, AZ (March 1, 2017) —Crosstex International, Inc. and its subsidiary, Accutron, Inc., today announced the launch of the AXESS™ Mask, a single-use, lightweight and low profile nasal mask that is contoured to form fit comfortably over the patient’s nose.

AXESS™ Mask and scavenging circuit are constructed of slender, lightweight tubing to reduce drag that can lead to mask displacement. The mask and circuit combined are designed to provide patients with a comfortable experience while offering clinicians easy and unobstructed access to the oral cavity. Neither the mask nor the scavenging circuit contains natural rubber or latex.

“Crosstex is excited to be able to offer new, innovative solutions that address patient comfort as well as patient safety. The AXESS™ Mask and scavenging circuit offer relaxation for the patient while giving the clinician better access to the oral cavity,” said Gary Steinberg, President of Crosstex International.

“Patient safety has always been the cornerstone of the Crosstex mission,” said Jackie Beltrani, Vice President of Global Marketing for Crosstex International. “The growing emphasis on patient comfort and nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation correlates with an increase in positive patient experiences. For dental professionals, that has the potential to mean more referrals and more opportunities to grow their practices.”

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About AXESS™ Masks

AXESS™ Mask is a new nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation nasal mask designed for patient comfort and relaxation, and for clinical efficiency. AXESS™ Masks offer visual assurance to the clinician as fogging appears in the translucent mask when patients breathe through their nose. The contour around the mask perimeter provides a nasal/facial seal that minimizes ambient nitrous oxide in the operatory and gas flow into the patient’s eyes – all without the use of tape or uncomfortable cannula protruding into the patient’s nostril.

The accompanying low profile scavenging circuit easily retrofits to most scavenging circuits and can be steam-sterilized and reused, making it both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

AXESS™ Masks are available in three sizes and two scents - mint and bubblegum. A clear, unscented version also is available for scent-sensitive patients.

About Crosstex

Crosstex International, Inc., a Cantel Medical company, manufactures a wide array of unique and innovative infection prevention and compliance products for the global healthcare industry. Founded in 1953 and headquartered in Hauppauge, New York, Crosstex is a recognized leader for its portfolio of waterline treatment, biological monitoring, sterility assurance packaging and personal protection equipment (PPE). Sold in more than 100 countries, the range of products distributed to medical, dental and veterinary practices and facilities include our award winning (5 consecutive years) SECURE FIT® technology face masks, DENTAPURE® waterline treatment cartridges and LIQUID ULTRA™ waterline treatment, SURE-CHECK® sterilization pouches with internal/external multi-parameter indicators, SteamPlus Type 5 chemical integrators, CONFIRM® and PASSPORT® Plus in-office and mail-in biological indicators, and RAPICIDE® OPA/28 high level disinfectant. For more information about the full line of Crosstex infection prevention, patient safety and compliance products, please contact Crosstex at 631-582-6777 or visit

About Cantel Medical

Cantel Medical is a leading global company dedicated to delivering innovative infection prevention products and services for patients, caregivers, and other healthcare providers which improve outcomes, enhance safety and help save lives. Our products include specialized medical device reprocessing systems for endoscopy and renal dialysis, advanced water purification equipment, sterilants, disinfectants and cleaners, sterility assurance monitoring products for hospitals and dental clinics, disposable infection control products primarily for dental and GI endoscopy markets, dialysate concentrates, hollow fiber membrane filtration and separation products. Additionally, we provide technical service for our products. For further information, visit the Cantel website at