PIP+™ Circuit Components

PIP+™ Circuit Components

Replacement parts for PIP+™ Scavenging Circuits.


PIP+™ Scavenging Circuit Components Diagram, (standard bag tee)

Product Name

Double Connectors for Scavenging System (2/pkg)

Order No.: 21178

Double connectors for scavenging system (2/pkg)

Single Connectors for Nasal Mask (2/pkg)

Order No.: 21179

Single connectors for nasal mask (2/pkg)

Large Y Connector for Scavenging System

Order No.: 21245

Connects scavenging system to corrugated main tube

Small Y Connector for Scavenging System

Order No.: 21246

Connects scavenging system to vacuum source

Scavenging Hub (clear disk)

Order No.: 22099

Low-profile scavenging valve hub (clear disk)

Vacuum Gauge

Order No.: 22122

Vacuum control valve/gauge assembly (measures in Hg)

Double Tubing (order 2)

Order No.: 25590

Spiral Vacuum Tube - 3.5'

Order No.: 25591

Spiral Vacuum Tube - 1.5'

Order No.: 25592

5" Large Tube

Order No.: 25593

7 1/4" Small Tube

Order No.: 25594

Scavenging Plug

Order No.: 26252

Tube Slide Double

Order No.: 26253

Connects all scavenger side tubing

Single Vacuum Connector

Order No.: 26254

90º Elbow

Order No.: 26255

Creates a 90º angle off flowmeter for attachment of scavenging circuit

6' Spiral Vacuum Tube (for RFS™ Scavenging Circuit)

Order No.: 27132