Portable Manifolds

Portable Manifolds


The portable manifold is comprised of an "E" yoke with pressure regulators and gauges, two or four gas cylinder anchors and a mobile stand. Adding a flowmeter, DISS hoses, a scavenging system including rubber goods (breathing bag and corrugated tube) and gas cylinders would complete the portable nitrous oxide-oxygen delivery system.

Product Name

2-Cylinder Portable Manifold

Order No.: 42000

Portable manifold that accommodates two gas cylinders - one oxygen and one nitrous oxide (non-digital and without flowmeter).

4-Cylinder Portable Manifold

Order No.: 44000

Portable manifold that accommodates four gas cylinders - two oxygen and two nitrous oxide (non-digital and without flowmeter)

E Cylinder Wrench

Order No.: 20107

Replacement E Washers (pkg. of 10)

Order No.: 24494

E Yoke Handle

Order No.: 24549

Portable and Mobile Stand Adaptor – Accutron Ultra to Porter

Order No.: 32010

Allows Accutron’s Ultra Flowmeter Series to be mounted on a Porter portable unit or mobile stand.