RFS™ Engle Chairmount Kits

RFS™ Engle Chairmount Kits

Remote Flow System™ – not so remote!

Remote Flow System™ mounts to patient chairs without drilling new holes and can be installed in the field – retrofit where possible or new construction. Kits are available for a wide variety of dental chair brands.

  • Eliminates long mixed gas and vacuum hoses draping from adjacent cabinets
  • Creates uncluttered, safer work zone for doctor and staff
  • Minimizes displacement of patient mask caused by drag/pull and weight of long hoses
  • Store circuit and rubber goods when not in use

Esthetics, Convenience, and Location...Location...Location!

Product Name

RFS™ Chairmount Kit for Engle 300 Chair

Order No.: 31008-1

RFS™ Chairmount Kit allows mounting of RFS™ to Engle 300 chair. Kit is compatible with Digital Ultra™ Flushmount Pkg. H CHAIR (#56800-CHAIR) and Ultra PC™ % Cabinet Mount  Pkg. H CHAIR (#36800-CHAIR).